Bo Jackson's Elite Sports | Lockport, Illinois


Program Overview:

B.S.F. Jr. High Programs are 60 minute, comprehensive sports performance programs designed to develop fundamental movement patterns and basic strength for long-term development of Jr. High athletes of all sports.  Groups are intentionally kept small (Maximum of 10 athletes) to ensure that athletes are provided a safe training environment that allows them to receive proper coaching from our staff.  Each program starts and ends with performance testing and becomes progressively more challenging as athletes advance in training ability.  Games and competitions are regularly used to teach competitiveness and teamwork, while also developing natural athletic ability.


The cost of each Jr. High program is dependent on how many days and weeks the program runs.  Most programs are either 2 or 3 days a week and last anywhere between 8 and 12 weeks.  The program cost averages out to approximately $15 a session.

*10% discount for siblings, Sparks, and Dome members

Current Groups: (Pro-Rated)

Spring 2017 Jr. High

Upcoming Groups:

Summer 2017 Jr. High