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Illinois Sparks Baseball

Illinois Sparks BaseballThe mission of the Illinois Sparks is to provide intensive instruction and an opportunity to compete at a higher level for young men who are serious baseball players. The goal of Sparks Baseball is to develop the skills of players age 9 through 14 to the point where they are able to earn a position on their high school team. Subsequently, our focus for players age 15 through 18 is for them to play at the college level and beyond should they be so fortunate. Sparks Baseball also provides opportunities for young men to compete in a fun environment where both crisp discipline and good sportsmanship are expected and rigidly enforced. We are an organization that places our emphasis on creating great practice habits. We promote team play. We feel strongly that the foundation of our program comes from the strength and professionalism of our coaches, as well as the support from our players and parents. It is our hope that these principles will be internalized and remain with each player throughout his life both on and off the baseball field. Presently the Illinois Sparks consist of 20 teams and nearly 300 players ranging in age from 9 to 18. The Illinois Sparks are a non-profit 501C organization.

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