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Cangelosi Sparks FAQs

Q: How many teams will be fielded at each level?
A: Our goals will be to field 2 teams at every level but also to make sure that each team will reach our standard in competition. 


Q: Paid coaches or dad coaches?
A: In age groups 8-14u we will have volunteer coaches who are committed to being part of the program throughout the year, allowing them to learn our culture and approach to creating the best environment both on and off the field. We are currently seeking out and interviewing coaches for the 8-14u age and they will be announced prior to the first day of tryouts. The high school level will be managed by paid coaches. This whole process will benefit from the Sparks and Cangelosi vast experience and network. 


Q: Tryout process? What will the tryout nights consist of?
A: Tryouts will be conducted in a way where all participants are required to earn a spot on the team and each of them will have ample opportunity to put their best foot forward. Players will be evaluated through a layered process, including multiple rounds of hitting, a comprehensive defensive analysis, and a test of baseball specific athleticism including speed, explosiveness and arm strength.


Q: How quickly will we be notified if we make the team and how do we lock in our roster spot?
A: Players will be notified of their status the day after their age groups final tryout. Players invited into the program will have 24 hours to accept or decline their invitation. Players that accept will have to secure their roster spot with a deposit. You will have 24 hours to accept your roster spot.


Q: Does the price include uniform costs?
A: From 8-14u uniforms will need to be purchased independently. However, the high school age group does include uniforms.


Q: Since my son was part of the Sparks or Cangelosi Baseball last year, does that mean he automatically has a spot again on the Cangelosi Sparks?
A: As the Cangelosi Sparks we believe in a merit based system. As a consequence every player will be required to earn his spot on a Sparks team. Previous experience with either Cangelosi Baseball or Sparks will NOT have an influence on a players ability to make a Sparks team. We want to build a culture in which each individual is asked to earn their status.