Bo Jackson's Elite Sports | Lockport, Illinois

Facility Rentals

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Major League Infield

Cangelosi Baseball’s Major League infield provides a unique, un-obstructive, playing surface for all ages.  The field can be configured with base paths from 60 feet up to 90 feet.  The full field measures 128′ by 128′.

January-December – $245/hr

Cage/Mound Rentals

All of our batting cages have Iron Mike pitching machines, L-Screen and Tees.  Walk-ins are always welcome!

$40/hr and $30/half hour

Multipurpose Field 

Our multipurpose field measures 190′ by 90′ and is fully netted.  This allows multiple sports to take advantage of the large practice space.  Great space for outfield training, infield work, football, soccer, lacrosse along with many more turf sports.  The field has a netted curtain which can be used to divide the field into two separate spaces.


Skills Field 

Our skills field measures 190′ by 15′ and is fully netted.  This allows teams to work and use the space for long-toss, dynamic warm-ups, defensive drills, tee work, pitching mounds and much more.