B.S.F. Semi-Private Training

  • Ages 10-18
  • Year Round

Semi-Private Training Overview

For athletes and individuals Jr. High and older, training takes place in a semi-private format.  Our semi-private training is individualized training in a small group environment.  Semi-private training is limited to a 6:1 athlete-to-coach ratio.  Clients have the option to pick and choose the day and time of their training sessions, allowing for a more flexible training schedule. Each semi-private client starts with a thorough private one-on-one assessment. This process involves us taking a close look at your injury history, training experience, sport of choice, and many more factors.  Based on the assessment, an individualized and comprehensive 4 week program is designed.

Membership Pricing

Month-to-month Membership: $325/Month

Year Membership: $250/Month

Sibling Membership Cost: $125/Month (per additional sibling)

**All memberships are automatically billed on a monthly basis.  Requires credit card on file

***Memberships are automatically renewed unless written notice is given to the facility

Schedule Evaluation

Contact Brett Velon for more information or to schedule an evaluation