Bo Jackson's Elite Sports | Lockport, Illinois

Gauntlet Assault Challenge

The Challenge: Get as many people to the top, as quickly as possible.  Once you and your team select the climb you are on, there will be no second chances. The total score for the team will be the combined start-to-finish times for every athlete.

You will receive 15 minutes of safety training and must comply with all safety rules for your score to count. Every safety violation will cost a minimum of 30 seconds added to the final score.  Instructors will tell you what safety violations will result in a total team score of zero.

Your final score will be tallied and compared to other teams throughout the year.  The calculation for this will include the average score per climber, fastest completion of climbing elements, and for exact same size groups, the tallies will also be head-to-head.

Each team will:

1.     Establish a leader

2.     Select the climbs based on individual abilities

3.     The leader must approve the athlete and climb choices

4.     Define success for teamwork, the final score, and the process

5.     Start the clock

6.     The clock automatically stops at a pre-determined time and the score will then be compiled based on the climbs, descents, or workouts completed

7.     Post-game review