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Developing a Strong Self-Image

Written by Mike Deegan Physically, Lenny didn’t belong in the same league with him. He was half Billy’s size and had a fraction of Billy’s promise- which is why the Mets hadn’t drafted him until the 13^th round. Mentally, Lenny was superior, which was odd, considering Lenny wasn’t what you’d call a student of the game. Billy remembers sitting with Lenny in a Mets dugout watching the opposing pitcher warm-up. ‘Lenny says, “So who’s that big dumb ass out there on the hill?” And I say, “Lenny, you’re kidding me […]

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Advice to Parents of Collegiate Athletes

Written by Mike Deegan Congratulations! Your child is going to college and attempting to play a collegiate sport. What an exciting time. While there is cause for celebration, I wanted to let you know that challenging times are ahead. Playing a collegiate sport is hard. Being a parent of a child playing a collegiate sport can be even harder; if you let it. There are no shortages of stories of parents and coaches not getting along. It doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, in the vast majority of […]

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