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Developing a Strong Self-Image

Written by Mike Deegan Physically, Lenny didn’t belong in the same league with him. He was half Billy’s size and had a fraction of Billy’s promise- which is why the Mets hadn’t drafted him until the 13^th round. Mentally, Lenny was superior, which was odd, considering Lenny wasn’t what you’d call a student of the game. Billy remembers sitting with Lenny in a Mets dugout watching the opposing pitcher warm-up. ‘Lenny says, “So who’s that big dumb ass out there on the hill?” And I say, “Lenny, you’re kidding me […]

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The Youth Sport Epidemic: Parental Involvement

Written by Michael Deegan We pulled up for my sons first “all-star tournament” a few weeks ago.  He’s seven.  It was a beautiful day for baseball; low 80’s with bright sun.  As we walked to the field and past much bigger kids with matching bat bags (my son is mesmerized by this) and the names on the back of their uniforms I could sense my guy was nervous.  My wife and I said the right things, “Have fun.” “Do your best.” “We love you.” In his first at-bat he struck out […]

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Importance of In-Season Strength Training for Athletes

Athletes are generally very motivated to succeed in their sport, putting in a tremendous amount of time and effort training in the weight room in preparation for their season. However when the season arrives, far too many athletes completely abandon their training. This begs the question, “Are you training for tryouts and training camp, or are you training to be at your physical peak ability for when it really matters, the post-season?” The basis of a solid in-season training program should include: maximizing your competitive sports advantage while maintaining previous […]

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