Coach’s Corner with Bob Lisanti – Thursday, May 19th

May 19, 2016 | BJES

Coach’s Corner with Bob Lisanti – Thursday, May 19th

All young players are looking for quick-fixes, ‘the secrets of the pros’, or that singular approach that will change everything. It doesn’t exist! It’s nonsense! People in our industry sometimes prey on those feelings when trying to sell you those answers. QUICK-FIX ANSWERS IN BASEBALL DO NOT WORK! Quick-fixes are like diet fads! Yes, in the short term you will lose weight, but in time, most gain the weight back and then some! Again, getting better in baseball is a journey, a process. It sometimes requires 1 step backwards in order to take 3 steps forward. Our job is to help you prepare players for that journey.

As teachers of this game, we need the insight to evaluate the players who are successful in this game, cut through all of the things they do differently, and capture those mechanics and approaches they have in common. We then need to clarify that approach for the player seeking to learn. Young players will try to emulate major-leaguers they see on TV, often with the right intentions, but all too frequently with bad results. It’s because they misinterpret what that player is doing and why they’re having success. Good coaches need to interpret that for the player, explain what is happening, and why it is causing the player to have success. As a teacher, if you have the ability to do that, you will begin the process of giving the player the tools to start down the road to not only getting better, but to allow them to self-teach, and self-correct, which in my mind is the greatest gift any coach can give a player.

-Bob Lisanti

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