FAQ - High School Division

Q: What age level should my son tryout for?

A: The Sparks organization prefers players to play with their grade age.

  • Entering 9th grade in Fall of ’22- then tryout for 15u
  • Entering 10th grade in Fall of ’22- then tryout for 16u
  • Entering 11th grade in Fall of ’22- then tryout for 17u

Q: Does the price include uniform costs?

A: Uniform costs are not included. Each player will pay $195 upon uniform pickup (mid-May) and receive 2 hats, 2 jerseys, and 2 pairs of pants. 

Q: What is the tryout process like?

A: Players will be tested for different metrics. Following the testing, each player will hit and showcase defensively. Tryouts are conducted in a way where all participants are required to earn their spot on a team and each players will have ample opportunity to put their best foot forward. Players are notified the morning after the first tryout whether or not they have been invited back for night 2. 

Q: How quickly will we be notified if we make the team and how do we lock in our roster spot?

A: Players will be notified of their status within 24 hours of the final tryout. Players invited to the program will have 24 hours to accept their invitation. Players that accept will have to secure their roster spot with a deposit.

Q: How does payment work?

A: Player fees work with payment plans that look as follows:

  • HS Position Player- $3,100
    • $625 down payment, 9 payments of $275 beginning on October 1
  • HS Pitcher ONLY- $2,050
    • $450 down payment, 8 payments of $200 beginning on October 1