Bo Jackson's Elite Sports | Lockport, Illinois


Internship Overview:

An internship at B.S.F. will dramatically improve your skills as a coach. Our internship is a real life, learn- by- doing experience. During your internship, you will coach middle school, high school, and collegiate athletes, observe and assist with professional athletes.  Interns are asked to work a minimum of 25 hours per week throughout the duration of their program.  Majority of internship hours will be during the afternoon and evening.

Expectations of Applicants:

  • Be competent teaching foam rolling, dynamic warm-up and mobility work
  • Understand and be knowledgeable of training techniques
  • Daily setup & clean-up of gym
  • Present yourself in a professional manner and be comfortable interacting with clients, athletes, and parents.
  • Be eager to learn and develop as a coach
  • Be positive and contribute to a positive training environment

Internship Schedule:

  • Winter: January 2 to March 12 (4 positions) – Application Deadline: Dec 1st
  • Spring: March 14 to May 30 (4 positions) – Application Deadline: February 1st 
  • Summer: June 8 to August 20 (4 positions) – Application Deadline: April 1st
  • Fall: September 3 to December 20 (4 positions) –Application Deadline: Aug 1st

B.S.F. Internship Application

If you are interested in any internship positions, please email a brief essay of why you would like to intern along with a copy of your resume to Brett Velon at