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15 of 19 CAVE players increase arm velocity in just 4 weeks

The CAVE velocity & strength program will return tonight after having 2 weeks off for Christmas break. We have completed just 16/40 sessions and have already yielded 11/19 players with velocity increases of 2+ mph and 5/19 players with 5+ mph. With more than half of the program remaining, we look forward to seeing how much further our athletes can push themselves. Check out the velocities below…

CAVE Recordings

Name Nov-16  Dec-14
Anthony Sterchele 75 78
Angelo Smith 82 89
Brian Wood n/a 81
Bryce Barnett 81 83
Justin Klug 74 74
Keegan Miglorini 53 56
Nathan Sporleder 65 70
Nick Muscolino 66 73
Ryan Palmblad 75 79
Alex Luna 68 69
Brad Littleton n/a 85
Chandler Kerr n/a 76
Eric Juds 72 72
Jack Bellinger 88 91
Jack Philgren 79 79
Jacob Reneau 72 72
Jacob Thomas 78 80
Kameron Keller 74 75
Matt Klutchard n/a 73
Nate Madej 80 84
Parker Nolan 83 84
Sultan Solebo 84 86
Zack Martin 84 85

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