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Importance of In-Season Strength Training for Athletes

Athletes are generally very motivated to succeed in their sport, putting in a tremendous amount of time and effort training in the weight room in preparation for their season. However when the season arrives, far too many athletes completely abandon their training. This begs the question, “Are you training for tryouts and training camp, or are you training to be at your physical peak ability for when it really matters, the post-season?” The basis of a solid in-season training program should include: maximizing your competitive sports advantage while maintaining previous […]

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Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports and Cangelosi Baseball are proud to announce that Bob Lisanti has been appointed Director of Baseball Player Development. In this new role Bob will provide leadership to all aspects of baseball instruction, research, and curriculum development. He will provide oversight to all baseball instructor hiring and training, as well as ongoing education and development of the current staff. Bob brings a high level of expertise and professionalism to Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports. He is passionate about player and instructor development and it shows through his leadership […]

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Coach’s Corner with Bob Lisanti – Tuesday, April 12th

Baseball is a game where we can feel good one-day, and horrible the next. As coaches, we need to look at drills, technique, mental approach as a daily process that will allow the player to feel good that day, and when they wake up the next day, they have to do it all over again.  Baseball has a funny way of hitting the reset button.  For a player, this process will never end.  It is the nature of the game and can never be changed.  We have to build that […]

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