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Episode 3: College vs. Pro: The MLB Draft

This episode titled “College vs. Pro: The MLB Draft” addresses the choice a premium High School prospect has of either attending college or entering professional baseball. How are this decisions made? What are the priorities? What are the differences of each developmental experience. For those that follow the MLB Draft each year, this conversation can give you a unique perspective of how those decisions are made and prioritized and our insights from personal experience.

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Episode 2: Old School vs. New School

Welcome to the Podcast ‘Cangy’s Corner”. This episode titled “Old School vs. New School” addresses both the use of analytics in baseball and its effect on how the swing is taught. John Cangelosi  argues a more old school approach while Bob Lisanti takes the side of the latest approaches. The purpose of the discussion is not to win an argument, but to present points from both sides to give the listener a perspective in the hopes to how to beat apply it themselves.

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Tom Knapczyk joins Cangelosi Sparks as Director of Player Development

  In an effort to continually upgrade and better our organization, we are always seeking opportunities to hire quality individuals that share our vision and mission. We are excited to announce that Tom Knapczyk will be joining our team as Director of Player Development for Cangelosi Baseball in conjunction with Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports. Tom brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and professionalism to our organization. Tom has a master’s degree in education, has been teaching physical education for 15+ years, and also has over 15 years of high school, junior high, and travel baseball coaching experience.  Tom has been a co-owner of the Illinois Edge travel baseball program […]

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Cangy’s Corner Podcast: Episode 01 Kickoff Talkin’ Baseball

We have started this podcast because we wanted to spark some discussion around the many aspects of baseball from the mental to the physical side of the game.  Throughout these podcasts we will tackle the hot topics in the game along with some throwback stories from Cangelosi and some special guests. “It’s a sport but it all stems from if your understanding how to work and create a good work ethic while you are younger by creating discipline and understanding how to practice towards your goals. You can use those […]

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