What’s new for the Sparks in 2023?

July 28, 2022 | BJES

What’s new for the Sparks in 2023?

As an organization, we are constantly striving to provide our players with the best resources and opportunities to reach their goals. Here’s what is new for the 2022-2023 Sparks season:

Bigger.Stronger.Faster Sports Performance (BSF)

  1. Semi-private price adjustment
    • Members will now have access to our semi-private offering at a drastically reduced price. As a business, we feel this aspect is so critical to an athlete’s development, we wanted to remove this barrier by decreasing the cost burden on families.  It’s a reflection of just how important we think training is to an athlete’s ability to reach their full potential and the role physicality plays in their game. To learn more or schedule an assessment, contact Brett Velon, brett@bojacksonselitesports.com.
  OLD Pricing NEW Pricing
Commitment Sparks Player Sibling Sparks Player Sibling
1 year $250/mo $125/mo $150/mo $125/mo
Monthly $325/mo $125/mo $225/mo $125/mo
  1. Need 4 Speed Member Time
    • As part of your youth travel fee, BSF will now provide a sports performance experience on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 5:00-6:00 pm on the multi-purpose field from November-April for Sparks players, 8-14u. The offering will be designed to train speed and athleticism in an age-appropriate way. It will measure outcomes to encourage athletes to compete and improve.  Its purpose is to introduce this age group to the importance of training and build a foundation for the natural progression into our semi-private training.
  2. 13u/14u Players receive ‘1 free month semi-private membership’
    • In addition to the Need 4 Speed Member Time, 13-14u players will be given a 1 free month semi-private membership to BSF Sports Performance. Our semi-private training is individualized training in a small group environment. Clients have the option to pick and choose the day/time of their training sessions, allowing for a flexible training schedule. This process involves us taking a close look at your injury history, training experience, and more. Based on the assessment, an individualized and comprehensive 4-week program is designed. Email our Director of Sports Performance, Brett Velon, brett@bojacksonselitesports.com, to schedule your assessment and redeem your free month.

Sparks Siblings Discount

    • Families who have multiple children in the organization will receive a sibling discount.  A family with two children in the organization will receive $250 off each player’s fees.  A family with three or more children will receive $350 off each player’s fees.  The sibling discount for multiple players is restricted to siblings who share the same parent (legal guardian) and live in the same household. This discount is only applicable for Sparks Summer fees. Please contact your appropriate director to take advantage of this discount.

8-14u, Rick Balcaitis, rbalcaitis@cangelosibaseball.com
15-18u, Tyler Thompson,  tyler@cangelosibaseball.com

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