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Advice to Parents of Collegiate Athletes

Written by Mike Deegan Congratulations! Your child is going to college and attempting to play a collegiate sport. What an exciting time. While there is cause for celebration, I wanted to let you know that challenging times are ahead. Playing a collegiate sport is hard. Being a parent of a child playing a collegiate sport can be even harder; if you let it. There are no shortages of stories of parents and coaches not getting along. It doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, in the vast majority of […]

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The Youth Sport Epidemic: Parental Involvement

Written by Michael Deegan We pulled up for my sons first “all-star tournament” a few weeks ago.  He’s seven.  It was a beautiful day for baseball; low 80’s with bright sun.  As we walked to the field and past much bigger kids with matching bat bags (my son is mesmerized by this) and the names on the back of their uniforms I could sense my guy was nervous.  My wife and I said the right things, “Have fun.” “Do your best.” “We love you.” In his first at-bat he struck out […]

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Ryan Quigley named Director of Throwing Development

Cangelosi Baseball powered by Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports proudly announces the addition of Ryan Quigley as Director of Throwing Development. Our initiative has always been to provide answers and solutions to the questions of the baseball community that we serve. Arm care has been a hot topic in the baseball industry. The addition of Ryan Quigley will help us integrate arm care, velocity training and throwing mechanics into all of our programs and travel baseball training, including the Cave Velocity program. After an exhaustive search, we are extremely pleased that […]

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Where I’m Coming From

Every time I ever stepped into a batter’s box, I wanted to destroy whoever was on the mound. In my mind, that guy was trying to take food off my table and I would bite them if it meant me getting a hit. I started playing baseball because it was what I was born to do. Some people probably didn’t agree with the way I approached the game, but they also probably didn’t play in the majors for 22 years. I get if you don’t understand my point of view. How […]

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Cangelosi Baseball and Illinois Sparks Merge to Cangelosi Sparks

Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports is excited to announce the merger of two premium baseball programs. The Illinois Sparks and Cangelosi Baseball will be joining forces to create an unparalleled travel baseball experience. Now known as the Cangelosi Sparks, we will conduct tryouts to assemble two teams at each level from 8u-18u. Participation will include elite memberships at the Bo Dome, a comprehensive off-season training program, and a competitive spring and summer schedule.  As a Cangelosi Sparks player, you will have access to all of the resources that the Bo Dome offers […]

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Coach’s Corner with Bob Lisanti – Thursday, May 19th

All young players are looking for quick-fixes, ‘the secrets of the pros’, or that singular approach that will change everything. It doesn’t exist! It’s nonsense! People in our industry sometimes prey on those feelings when trying to sell you those answers. QUICK-FIX ANSWERS IN BASEBALL DO NOT WORK! Quick-fixes are like diet fads! Yes, in the short term you will lose weight, but in time, most gain the weight back and then some! Again, getting better in baseball is a journey, a process. It sometimes requires 1 step backwards in […]

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Importance of In-Season Strength Training for Athletes

developing the ultimate athlete

Athletes are generally very motivated to succeed in their sport, putting in a tremendous amount of time and effort training in the weight room in preparation for their season. However when the season arrives, far too many athletes completely abandon their training. This begs the question, “Are you training for tryouts and training camp, or are you training to be at your physical peak ability for when it really matters, the post-season?” The basis of a solid in-season training program should include: maximizing your competitive sports advantage while maintaining previous […]

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Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports and Cangelosi Baseball are proud to announce that Bob Lisanti has been appointed Director of Baseball Player Development. In this new role Bob will provide leadership to all aspects of baseball instruction, research, and curriculum development. He will provide oversight to all baseball instructor hiring and training, as well as ongoing education and development of the current staff. Bob brings a high level of expertise and professionalism to Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports. He is passionate about player and instructor development and it shows through his leadership […]

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Coach’s Corner with Bob Lisanti – Tuesday, April 12th

Baseball is a game where we can feel good one-day, and horrible the next. As coaches, we need to look at drills, technique, mental approach as a daily process that will allow the player to feel good that day, and when they wake up the next day, they have to do it all over again.  Baseball has a funny way of hitting the reset button.  For a player, this process will never end.  It is the nature of the game and can never be changed.  We have to build that […]

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15 of 19 CAVE players increase arm velocity in just 4 weeks

The CAVE velocity & strength program will return tonight after having 2 weeks off for Christmas break. We have completed just 16/40 sessions and have already yielded 11/19 players with velocity increases of 2+ mph and 5/19 players with 5+ mph. With more than half of the program remaining, we look forward to seeing how much further our athletes can push themselves. Check out the velocities below… CAVE Recordings

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