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Cangelosi Sparks

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Cangelosi Sparks Mission

We are excited to enter our 5th season as the Cangelosi Sparks! Since the merger of Cangelosi Baseball and the Illinois Sparks in June 2016, we have made several adjustments to both our Youth and High School divisions.  It has led to accelerated player and team development. All teams are provided with indoor and outdoor field space multiple times per week throughout the year, as well as priority and discounted access to Cangelosi Baseball instructors. Our players also have unlimited individual facility access by being granted our Elite Membership.

The goal of our organization is personal growth. Players develop at different times in their lives and it’s important that that we foster that development. The Sparks experience is unique because of our ability to expose players to the highest caliber of teaching and competition. Your experience within the dome will give you the same opportunities and instruction afforded to college and professional baseball players. Our staff is informed and guided by a combination of sports management, college coaching, and professional baseball experience. This gives us an unparalleled perspective in the industry, and a unique ability to encourage each player into the best paths of development.

Our mission as a Travel Baseball Organization is to prepare every player in our Youth division not only be prepared, but to thrive at the high school level. However, our mission doesn’t stop there. As players show the potential to play beyond high school, our experience can provide them with the plan to do so both on and off the field. Our relationships with both the College and Professional game are second to none, and will cater to any player at any level!  The result of our network is that our Alum are experiencing tremendous success at both the college and professional ranks.  We could not be more proud of that strong tradition and are aware of our responsibility to continue to run a program that fosters that success. We will continue to be diligent in our efforts to sustain a culture that prepares young men for what lies ahead.